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Precision Small Diameter Tube/Pipe Extrusion Line


SXG Series Precision Tube Extrusion Machine is a kind of equipment specially designed and manufactured by BAOD EXTRUSION Institute for the production of all kinds of precise small-caliber tubes (medical tubes, PA/TPV/PPA/PPS/TPEE/PUR precise automobile tubes/hoses, pneumatic tubes, high-pressure liquid conveyor tubes, multi-layer composite tubes, packaged beverages or cleaning suction tubes, precise communication optical cables, military detonator tubes, etc.) .

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After more than ten years of continuous research and development and improvement, BAOD EXTRUSION has developed the third generation “SXG” series precision pipe extrusion production unit, its excellent and stable performance has been recognized by the industry’s high-end customer manufacturers. This unit adopts the technology of “fully automatic precise vacuum sizing + high pressure volume extrusion” developed by our company, which changes the disadvantage of traditional precise pipe extrusion technology that can not take into account both extrusion speed and precision control, especially PA/PU/POM and fluoroplastics series pipes with high difficulty in forming control. Precision extrusion control can also achieve ideal productivity efficiency, greatly improve the use value of customer equipment and bring significant unit cost savings.

The third generation “SXG” series precision tube units have the characteristics of high efficiency, low energy consumption, stable product quality (CPK value (> 1.67), high degree of automation of equipment control system, convenient and reasonable operation settings, and can also meet the processing needs of raw materials and products with different hardness. It is an alternative to imported similar equipment with excellent performance. Good price performance models.

On the basis of the strong functions of the third generation SXG series precision tube extruder, SXG-T type high precision small caliber tube extruder is further equipped with higher-grade driving and auxiliary components, which greatly improves the extrusion accuracy of tube and automatic control level.

Our advantage

Features of BAOD EXTRUSION Precision tube extrusion line

● The first generation of “SXG” series precision tube extrusion line made by BAOD EXTRUSION: in 2003 

● At the present: The latest precision tube extrusion line with high production speed (Max 300meter/min) and ‘Comprehensive safety protection, closed-loop function, product data tracing, error prevention function etc.’ high level of automation.

● Production speed for reference:

¢6x4mm 60-100m/min; ¢8x6mm 45-80m/min

¢14x10mm 30-50m/min.

CPK value ≥ 1.33.

● 20 years of experience in plastic extrusion R&D and design, with rich professional screw design ability of different materials in the plastic industry, with good plasticizing effect and stable extrusion output;

●Specially designed high pressure volumetric mold provides stable extrusion of melt form tube;

●Specially designed vacuum calibration cooling system to maintain accurate and stable vacuum negative pressure and water level in the production process;

● Dual servo direct drive puller can meet the high efficiency and stable traction within the range of 0 - 300 m/min;

● The specially designed servo-driven flying knife cutting machine can realize small-diameter tube precise length cutting or continuous cutting on-line.

● Winding machine can provide automatic spool-changing function, eliminating manual spool-changing. The servo programmable system controls the winding and traversing actions to realize neat and uncrossed winding.