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Precision Profile Extrusion Line

  • ABS,PP,PVC Automobile Profile Extrusion Line

    ABS,PP,PVC Automobile Profile Extrusion Line

    Automobile profile mainly includes: car window pillar, window armrest, decoration bar, glass guide groove, tuyere profiles, luggage rack framework etc. Main material of profile is hard PVC, ABS and PP.

  • Precision Profile Extrusion Line

    Precision Profile Extrusion Line

    This extrusion line is the series which can manufacture PVC, PP, PE, PS, PC, ABS, PMMA profile products to fulfill market need, it adapts to different characteristics of different materials meanwhile take production efficiency into consideration.

    BAOD EXTURSION Precision profile extrusion line covers single-screw extruders, twin-screw extruders, different kinds of dies and all downstream components, supplied either separately or as complete extrusion lines with any level of automation. All our components and automation systems are engineered to maximize savings on materials, energy and costs, without compromising on product quality. We are your expert partner for any type of profile extrusion line.

  • TPV,PVC Automobile Sealing Strip Extrusion Line

    TPV,PVC Automobile Sealing Strip Extrusion Line

    Automotive Seal Strip is one of the most important parts of the car, which is widely used in the door, window, car body, skylight, motor racks and backup (baggage) box and other parts, with sound insulation, dustproof, seepage control water and shock absorption function.

  • PC,PMMA,PS Lampshade Extrusion Line

    PC,PMMA,PS Lampshade Extrusion Line

    This extrusion line is used for producing PS/PMMA transparent, semi-transparent lampshade, PC-LED energy saving lampshade and fluorescent tube profile etc. The products are widely used in the fields of illumination and decoration. The main raw material is PS and engineering plastic (PC/PMMA) etc.

  • UHMWPE Profile Extrusion Line

    UHMWPE Profile Extrusion Line

    Ultra-high molecular weight PE belongs to PE variety which has ultra high molecular weight (molecular weight usually reaches to more than 1.5 million), its profile products own the feature of excellent impact resistance, abrasion resistance and self lubricity.