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3D Printer Filament Extrusion Line (Vertical Calibration)

  • Production speed:

    DN1.75mm 120-150m/min, DN3.0mm 45-55m/min.

  • Control accuracy:

    Φ3.0 mm to 2.9 mm, 1.70 to 1.80 mm. (Max +/-0.04mm, Average +/-0.03mm, CPK≥1.6)


3D printing, namely a kind of rapid prototyping technology, it is a kind of print technology based on the digital model file, using the powder metal or plastic adhesive materials, to construct the object by means of step by step.

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The shape of a 3D printer plastic filament are solid round wire at the present, the main raw material has PLA, PVA, HIPS, ABS, PC, PA, TPU etc., products range from 1.75 mm to 3.0 mm diameter. BAOD EXTRUSION provided the first set 3D PRINTER FILAMENT extrusion machine to client in 2009. After a long time of testing and verification, we found that for high melt flow rate polymer materials (such as TPU, PA, PC, etc.) byvertical cooling calibrationprocess, the forming size (especially the ellipticity) of filament has been significantly improved.  The adaptability of 3D printer filament extrusion process to materials is further expanded.


Our advantage


Features Of Machine Line

1. Full servo driving is equipped on whole machine line, lead to high stable running for each parts on extrusion line, such as melt extruding, melt metering, pulling, etc.;


2. Equipped with metering pump system, redouble ensure precision of the melt flow, meanwhile increasing the die head pressure to avoid hollow inside of wire;


3. Equipped with online diameter laser gauge and automatic diameter-feedback control function, control the dimension tolerance to a minimum value, raise the level of the whole line automation;


4. Winding and Traversing by SERVO drive & PLC program control to realize online precise and orderly (neat) winding, winding available for both large and small spool.