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Customer Acceptance of Three-layer PA Tube Extrusion Line Successfully Completed

As the popularity of new energy vehicles continues to increase, the demand for multi-layer PA tubes for automobiles has surged. To meet the the development requirements of lightweight, energy saving and emission reduction in the automotive industry, BAOD EXTRUSION launched multi-layer PA tube extrusion line.


In the first half of this year, BAOD has delivered several PA multi-layer pipe extrusion lines. This week, BAOD successfully completed the customer's acceptance of three-layer PA pipe extrusion line. The outstanding advantages of BAOD’s multi-layer PA tube extrusion line help it gain the support of customers.


First of all, the multi-layer composite die adopts patented technology to ensure stable production, accurate layering and improve efficiency. In addition, the extrusion line can efficiently disassemble the die head, allowing one person to quickly maintain and adjust, improving work efficiency and reducing costs. Stable and uniform vacuum structure, combined with large flow cooling circuit make sure that the corrugated shape is full and aesthetic. Positive-pressure ejection design ensures smooth extrusion without hanging material. What's more, adjustable die blocks allow flexible production of various types of corrugated pipe.


BAOD will continue to follow the industry trend and focus on product research and development, and is dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of global customers and committed to providing personalized services that meet customers' specific requirements. All these factors will make BAOD the best choice for customers.

three layer PA pipe extrusion 1
three layer PA pipe extrusion 2
three layer PA pipe extrusion 3
three layer PA pipe extrusion 4
three layer PA pipe extrusion 5

Post time: May-21-2024