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BAOD EXTRUSION’s Solution for Automotive Coolant Tube

With the improvement of people's environmental awareness and technological progress, the popularity of new energy vehicles is gradually deepening. As an important part of new energy vehicles, the coolant pipe must meet the requirements of hydrolysis resistance, oil resistance, high temperature resistance, light weight and other requirements. The pipe materials currently used in automobiles can be divided into three main types, which are metal, rubber and nylon plastic. Nylon tube has gradually become the main material used for cooling and lubricating pipelines due to its light weight and easy processing.

1. PA Coolant Tube Application

PA corrugated pipe can be used in the engine compartment, chassis, battery pack, according to the temperature, pressure and mounting requirements of different parts, choose the corresponding temperature-resistant nylon material and structure type. PA coolant tube will be the most important type of coolant tube in new energy vehicles in the future.

2. PA Coolant Tube Type

According to the actual application, there are two main types of nylon tube:

(1) Smooth tube: Suitable for most coolant piping;

(2)Corrugated tube: Mainly used for branch lines within the battery pack and where the connection area is narrow.


Responding to the development trend of automotive piping, BAOD EXTRUSION has developed a multi-layer co-extrusion line suitable for the requirements of new energy automotive pipeline, which is applicable to both smooth and corrugated pipes and solves a series of problems of traditional extrusion lines. What’s more, BAOD also make the extrusion with a more economical way to save the cost of both labor and material. BAOD will forge ahead and continue to innovate, and is committed to providing customized solutions for customers. 

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Post time: May-31-2024