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Metal Pipe Coating Extrusion Line


Designed and manufactured by BAOD EXTRUSION, this production line is designed for coating one or several PVC, PE, PP or ABS layers around common iron pipe, stainless steel pipe, aluminium pipe/bar etc. Plastic coating pipe is applicated for decoration, heat insulation, anti-corrosion and automobile industry.

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This production line is composed of Steel pipe stacking conveyor, Haul-off (front and back each one set), High-frequency heating device, Right angle coating mold, Single screw extruder, Cooling device. Each steel pipe can be connected by special connector, realize continuous coating extruding production. The final product has features of dense coating, uniform thickness plastic layer, stable dimension, smooth and clean surface.

Steel pipe stacking conveying machine
Right angle coating die

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Steel pipe stacking conveying 1

Steel pipe stacking conveying machine

Steel pipe stacking conveying 2


Steel pipe stacking conveying 3


Steel pipe stacking conveying 4

Right angle coating die