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Corrugated Forming Machine


Corrugated forming machine, suitable for PA, PE, PP, EVA, EVOH, TPE, PFA, PVC, PVDF and other thermoplastic material corrugated shape molding. It is mainly used for cooling water hose, protective casing, hose of air conditioning system, fuel tank neck and gas tank ventilation pipe in the automobile industry, as well as plumbing and kitchenware system.

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Equipment Features

- Multi-area vacuum technology, can be compatible with vacuum negative pressure molding and internal pressure blowing molding;
- Cooling water circulation and flow mechanism special design, high efficiency cooling;
- The running mechanism can meet the number of molding 40-120 pairs of operation, flexible module combination and collocation, to provide a rich selection of corrugated structure process;
- Servo program control system, with continuous diameter change production control ability.

Corrugated forming machine6

Corrugated forming machine2
Corrugated forming machine
Corrugated forming machine3

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